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What I Want-Inkstone Prime Minister's Book Private

1 year ago Fashion, Home & Garden Balancán   262 views

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The girl is Zhang Yi, she is drunk, pestering Chen Sinuo not to go, Chen Sinuo does not know where her home is, want to send her to the hotel to rest, but he came out only with cash without ID card. You can't tell his mother about this kind of thing.   Who are you Then he waved his hand, "I'm not going back!" Chen Sinuo cold look, a bit impatient, but also a bit helpless, "or directly sent to the hotel." "How could she go to the hotel when she didn't want to go home?" Yu Tang looked at him and asked,mobile racking systems, "Why did you come out with her?"? And let her drink? "She said she had something to say to me and that she would not pester me after dinner." Chen Sinuo, a boy, was a little embarrassed when he said this. "Who knows she still drinks?" Zhang Yi is really not easy to fix, where also do not go, in Tang came is also helpless. Chen Sinuo had a bad idea. "Why don't you call the teacher?" Yu Tang did not agree, then had a brainwave, thought of another bad idea, call Zhang Yunsheng. She went aside,shuttle rack system, held her cell phone and hesitated for a long time, and finally dialed the phone. Zhang Yunsheng has a dinner party tonight. He should be at the wine table now.  Zhang Yi lies on the table and talks incoherently, "I am rich and handsome, although my grades are not as good as yours." But I'm working hard, and I just like you. Chen Si Nuo black face, these words he can listen to a person to ignore, but now more than a person to listen, it is very embarrassing. He listened to a few words and wanted to go to the bathroom to calm down, warehousing storage solutions ,industrial racking systems, but with him, Zhang Yi would follow him, and Yu Tang told him to sit quietly and not go anywhere. Zhang Yunsheng is almost an hour to arrive, during this period, when Zhang Yan opened his mouth and did not stop, Yu Tang was afraid that her mouth was dry, and added tea to her several times. Sitting in the position of Yu Tang, facing the direction of the restaurant door, she looked up after pouring water, and suddenly saw Zhang Yunsheng come over with a gloomy face, so frightened that she almost did not hold the kettle. Zhang Yi later found himself standing next to a person, looked up to see her brother, but also scared not to move, more dare not nag. There are outsiders, Zhang Yunsheng is not easy to attack, so as not to make a fool of himself here. He suppressed his temper and said, "I heard you don't want to go home?" Zhang Yi looked at a loss, did not understand how her brother came. He just said," I ordered you to come out at night to take care of her son's emotional problems. " "Yu Tang is said by him blush more, abrupt unripe answer:" She is busier. Zhang Yunsheng chuckled, "you are idle." Yu Tang thought that what he was dissatisfied with was that she left her work at night and ran out. She still answered abruptly: "Now is the time to get off work. I can handle business and private affairs well." As soon as Zhang Yunsheng heard this, he knew where she wanted to go,industrial racking systems, and for a moment he was not in the mood to argue with her. After drinking most of the glass of water, he found that the woman's face had returned to a fine white. The skin is thin and the flesh is tender, and he blushes when he is in a hurry. jracking.com