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The legitimate daughter of the reborn family Private

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"Yao I'm not afraid of ten thousand but I'm most afraid of just in case" Besides The queen suddenly lowered her voice but evil flashed through her eyes She said in a low voice "Haven't you always loved Longer" Put her under house arrest in your Tai Chi Palace and don't let other men touch her Isn't she yours At the end of this sentence the queen said in her heart "Princess Yichang the emperor regards your daughter as a treasure and gives her the noble status of a princess This palace wants to trample her in the soil and let her warm the bed for Yao!"! "Mother!" As soon as Han Yao's face changed he said seriously and angrily "Mother I love Longer very much and want to get her very much But if I Paper Chemicals want to get her by this means I would rather give up" What he wanted was for Longer to give it to him willingly not for him to get it by playing tricks Besides Nangong Linglong knows martial arts How can Taiji Palace easily trap her unless she is under house arrest with drugs In that case he is more reluctant to do it The tenderness of his life was given to Nangong Linglong even if he personally touched a hair of Nangong Linglong he was unwilling Yao'er! The queen was so angry that she stared at him The son was like the emperor in love single-minded! Thinking of this the queen felt a little distressed about her niece who was about to marry into the Taiji Palace Although Chen Qingtong has always liked the prince if it were not for her Chen Qingtong  the maid say that the empress's body is restless Please let me feel her pulse for her" The empress smiled stood up walked to the front of Chen Taiyi said with a faint smile "This palace is all right China Chemicals Suppliers " When Chen Taiyi raised her eyes slightly in amazement she said in a low voice "I just want to ask the Taiyi for some medicinal use" Doctor Chen immediately replied respectfully "What medicine does the empress want Just take the slaves to the Imperial Hospital I don't know what medicine the empress wants" The empress stared at Chen Taiyi and uttered two words in a low voice "Aphrodisiac!" "Empress!" Chen Taiyi was so frightened that he knelt down in fear and said "Empress the dragon's body is not as good as it used to be If you take the aphrodisiac again I'm afraid you'll be hollowed out It's absolutely impossible" "Dr Chen I think you misunderstood" With a low smile the empress stood in front of Chen Taiyi She looked down at Chen Taiyi and said "This medicine is not for the emperor" The prince has not called the attendants for a long time the palace worried about the prince's physical problems just want to give the prince to take a small amount of aphrodisiac for the royal blood to spread branches and leaves ah "This" Chen Taiyi hesitated It is true that the prince has not called the attendant for two or three years It seems that it started when Princess Linglong was twelve years old Now Princess Linglong is fifteen years old It is estimated that the prince is concerned about Princess Linglong and has lost interest in other women so he will no longer call the attendant But the prince is the crown prince if there is no accident is the future emperor the greatest responsibility is to spread branches and leaves for the royal family Now the designated Crown Princess is Princess Qingtong not as the prince wishes if the prince is infatuated with love are not lucky other women then the bloodline is really to worry about Thinking of this Chen Taiyi answered "Pesticide Intermediates I  princes please don't embarrass the slave Princess Linglong is really not inside Several eunuchs are blocking out of the imperial study then turn to the Taiji Palace want to enter the Taiji Palace take away the cold Yu of Nangong Linglong globalchemmall.com

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