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Quick wear raiders: the male God of the pattern asks to be pushed down Private

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Shu Ange's hair was completely wet, as if he had been fished out of the water, and when he saw the wrinkled but crying baby, he smiled with relief. When two people speak, in the delivery room, Qi Heng Yu leans against the wall, the tight heartstrings finally put down, the corner of the eye glittering and silent slip. As the saying goes, a man does not shed tears easily. A man like Qi Hengyu who comes out of a hail of bullets is a tough guy among tough guys. However, outside his wife's delivery room, he felt the strongest impact of his life. The child was born, Qi Heng Yu is not curious, how the newborn is healthy, he is most concerned about the safety of Shu Ange. Less than ten minutes after the birth of the first child, the second child was born smoothly. Congratulations, madam. You have both children. You are a daughter. Compared with the elder brother, the younger sister is a little more delicate, and her skin looks like glutinous rice, not wrinkled like most newborns. Shu Ange looked at the two children wrapped in swaddling clothes with relief, and with only a little strength left,stainless steel 304 pipes, let the two children hold her hands. Congratulations, Mr. President. The two children were born smoothly. They are twins. The children are developing very well and healthy. Qi Hengyu did not care to greet the doctor, put on sterile clothes as quickly as possible, pushed the door open and rushed to the delivery room, threw himself in front of Shu Ange's bed, and held her hand tightly. Ange, are you all right? How are you feeling? The two children were close to Qi Hengyu,aluminium coated steel tube, but he didn't even look at them. Shu Ange was the only one in his eyes. Children, our children. Shu Ange's eyes were filled with the brilliance of maternal love, and she motioned to the nurse. The other party held the baby in his arms and adjusted his posture. The two children held their parents'hands and closed their eyes. Her haggard and weak appearance was the most  new task. As before, this time Shu Ange chose to reward the attribute points on appearance and aptitude. Pianke is not good, she is a person who pursues perfection, each attribute point is naturally the higher the better. And the higher the qualification, aluminium coated tubes ,beam impact tubes, it means that after she enters the task, there is more room to improve the physical quality of the task client. After so many tasks, Shu Ange knows better than anyone that nothing is as reliable as a strong hand. After the white light flashes, the attribute panel is refreshed again. This scene has been seen by Shu Ange more than 20 times. When Shu Ange browsed the attribute panel, Xiao Weiji did not forget to flatter him: "Host, you are the most powerful space-time manager I have ever seen!" Name: Shu Ange Race: Galactic Earthlings Level: Level B Space-Time Manager 23100/28000. Soul Power: 73 Willingness: 23100. Mental strength: 70 Intelligence: 70 Appearance: 54 Qualification: 79 Manipulatable Skill: Kung Fu After keeping the new data in mind, Shu Ange looked at Xiao Weiji with a half-smile: "Do you confirm that I am the most powerful space-time manager you have ever seen?" What she meant reminded Xiao Weiji of Lord Dihua, who smiled and flattered: "One family doesn't speak two languages." After chatting with Xiao Weiji, Shu Ange chose to start a new task and rush to a new journey! In the lonely corridor, a few lanterns fluttered and a few stars scattered in the night sky. This is a cold and desolate courtyard, with clumps of flowers blooming in the dark night, fragrant and graceful. When Shu Ange woke up, she was sitting on the bed, and her hair, which was as dark as ink and as smooth as a waterfall, fell down from her cheek and fell gently on her shoulder. The night wind blew from the open window, and there was a misty cry in the distance, and even the world was silent. Just as she was wondering where it was and whether it was safe enough to receive the original  weak. Why does a woman who knows martial arts have such a strong impulse to escape. The other side called her princess, and mentioned the king,side impact beams, but here is not like a palace, everything seems so complicated and confusing. In the absence of a clear understanding of the situation, Shu Ange chose to believe in the strong residual thoughts left by the original owner. Chapter 887 Exile Princess Conquers Wandering Sword God 1. Exiled Princess Conquers Wandering Sword God 1. cbiesautomotive.com

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