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Liuwanyang Qijie Villa Professional

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The old woman beamed at once. "No loss, no loss," she said courteously. "It's cold outside, sir. Why don't you call your men into the room to warm themselves by the fire and get rid of the cold?" Qian Rui turned his head and made a gesture. As he walked away, Zhuang Yi dismounted and escorted the three prisoners. The old wo stove and get somdobe house, from the construction layout, only one bright and one dark two rooms, the bright room is the living room and dining room, the dark room is probably the bedroom, there is a kitchen stove in the back,heavy duty racking system, but I can imagine how narrow it is. Qian Rui stretched out his hand to bake repeatedly on the fire, and his mouth was empty again and again. It was so cold for a while, and now it was a little relieved. The flaming fire simply penetrated into his heart. Looking around the room, Zhuang Yi said slowly, "I don't know what this old couple is doing." Qian Rui said carelessly, "Who cares what he does?"? A pair of grandsons and grandsons of Laozi and Zhuangzi, let's raise our spirits and go on the road with enough food. We may not be able to catch up with them all our lives! Zhuang Yi said, "It's really a bit strange that old people would live in the wilderness of Qianbuba Village and Hoububa Shop. There are no fields of crops nearby,Steel racking system, and there is no retail business. It's hard to understand how they can make a living." Qian Rui said with a smile, "Boss, you have been eating in this line for a long time. You have doubts everywhere. Everything is in your heart. How do two old guys live? In facpressing the lid of the earthenware kettle for a while, the old woman neatly filled the five teacups, refilled the kettle with water, and put the iron kettle back on the fire. Then, with her hands on her waist apron, she laughed and said to Qian Rui, Pallet rack supplier ,Narrow aisle rack, "The food will come right away, Master Cha. There is nothing good in the countryside. I cooked a big pot of noodles. The cabbage after beating is accompanied by streaky pork and fried chives and garlic. It is guaranteed to be appetiz as restui: "How about eating to your stomach?" Qian Rui smiled: "That's five taels of white silver, old woman. It's not right for your stomach, okay?" The woman didn't care to crack her mouth and said: "Cha Ye's generous reward?"? Why don't I understand? Difficult in our poor family, really can't come up with anything good to entertain guests, take the one catty of streaky pork in the pimple soup as an example, it was originally kept by our old couple for kitchen God worshipping,heavy duty warehouse rack, now it's all filial piety to you, go down, can only eat steamed bread and drink gruel.. " Qian Rui rolled his eyes and said:. omracking.com

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