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League of Legends Seven Seconds Prediction Professional

3 months ago Automobiles San Luis Potosí   90 views

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Although everyone knows that this game, the line-ups of the LH team is extremely bad, garbage is not good, but everyone is not willing, will not believe that this is the purpose of the LH team, what is the meaning of this line-ups? The LH assault group will never five people all brain let the door to clip, intentionally send LGD a victory, and then two assault groups in the fie limited money, go back to buy the eye stone, to ADC under the vision of what, so the monkey home, did not attract anyone's attention. As the game continues, the LGD team members are all smiling. Judging from all the signs now, it seems that LGD will win. Wait for everyone to almost think so, for the LH team and regret, down the road is a major accident! Monkey, Saner, Lao Niu,Porcelain Marble Slabs, Chen Yiqing, four people surprise attack! Blocked the way down with pyl who was ready to push the tower quickly!!! When the first wave of soldiers entered the tower, Lao Niu left. Taobao Quan brushed a group of wild monsters nearby and then left. When the second wave of soldiers entered the tower, Taobao Quan did not even come. It is estimated that everyone thought that even if Taobao Quan did not come, Lao Niu would leave. However, this time really did not, the old cow did not go, is to stay under the tower to eat soldiers, and this time, LGD down the road seems to have realized what, the old cow this person is very stable, absolutely impossible,Agate Stone Price, a large wave of soldiers into the tower, their own lower half of the field area no one, dare to eat soldiers in a tower. This is absolutely impossible, since the old cow dares to do so, then that is to say, the next road must come?! Just at this time, Weishen Middle Road sent out a signal. Thinking of this, he and pyl hurriedly wanted to withdraw. Old cow after seeing these two people want to go, very decisive direct e flash, let the e skill did not open out, directly hit, and this time we found that the monkey this time also walked from the river that gloomy place appeared, followed by Chen Yiqing and three son. When the taunt time was about to pass, the monkey was afraid that the distance was not enough, so he flashed up directly and fainted again with pyl. Saner turned into a spider form. After the e skill approached quickly, in the human form, the e skill fainted again. Chen Yiqing is to block the pyl ready to sell teammates, at this point, the next road directly lost two heads, things happen very fast, so that LGD on the single transmission time is not even. Four people's quick assembly surprise attack down the road, let LGD did not think of, these four people after killing these two people, Marble Granite Price ,Artificial Marble Slabs, in front of a large wave of soldiers line together after pushing past, four people then together to push LGD down the road of a tower. After waiting for a wave of soldiers to be eaten by the tower, LGD's next tower was also ground nearly half of the blood, and then, Chen Yiqing ready to return to the line, because the wave of the middle line has been pushed over, Chen Yiqing to go back to eat the line. And three son, monkey, the old cow was ready to go home to fill the equipment, but, this time found, and pyl went on eople go up, they were very happy and happy to go to Xiaolong. In fact, this can be regarded as a small mistake of LGD, even if you are angry, the first dragon or you should take, after all, this game is the LH team to choose to change the line, according to the previous routine is, you change the line, I take the dragon. This first dragon for LGD may not be of great use, take and do not take, there is no big obstacle,Granite Slab Supplier, now we do not pay much attention to the dragon, but for the LH team, this dragon is of great use!!. forustone.com

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