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Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108 Professional

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In his opinion, it is happier to "see" clearly than to have unrealistic hopes. He is very satisfied with the status quo. He will not have unrealistic expectations, so he will not be disappointed. He will be very happy in his life and will not be disturbed by mundane things. At the age of ten, Wanneed interest exchanges, they make friends with the heart. In line with this idea, Old Master Wang sent Wang Jinling to the Jixia Academy,smartboards in classrooms, hoping that Wang Jinling could find friends in the Jixia Academy, so that he would not be lonely. When it comes to the Wang family, who is the most attentive to Wang Jinling is none other than Old Master Wang. Although Wang Jinling treats everyone almost the same, he treats Old Master Wang differently. Although Old Master Wang is arranging Wang Jinling's life, his intention is not all for the sake of the Wang family, but more for the sake of Wang Jinling. Although Wang Chin-ling did not think that he needed friends,smart board whiteboard, he did not refuse Old Master Wang's kindness. After a little thought, he decided to go to the Jixia Academy to survive. That year, Wang Jinling was ten years old and left the Wang family earlier than all the previous heads of the Wang family. But Wang Jinling did not have a trace of panic and uneasiness. He did not have a trace of curiosity and expectation about the unknown Jixia Academy. In his opinion, it was just a change of place to study. Big childe! Can't look at him with the eyes of an ordinary child, the big childe is different. Update Quickly No Pop-up Plain Text Android client online download address: Registered members can get a private bookshelf, which is more convenient for reading! [59 Literature Permanent Address: www.59to.com] [Text extra chapter: 098: He is Wang Jinling, and his talent is absolutely gorgeous!] A gifted scholar is young and romantic, and has no worries about lying high and being a minister. Jixia Academy is very strict in recruiting students. Students who can enter Jixia Academy are not only talented, but also have good character. Students with eye diseases like Wang Jinling have never been enrolled in Jixia Academy for hundreds of years. Historically, it is not that there are no disabled but talented students, but Jixia Academy has never recruited, even ferocious-looking people, touch screen board classroom ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, Jixia Academy will not recruit. It is not that Jixia Academy judges people by their appearance, but that appearance is also one of the requirements for becoming an official. The appearance requirements of Jixia Academy for students are only correct in five outlooks, not that they are not handsome. Wang Jinling couldn't see, and couldn't even pass the first pass of the Jixia Academy. However, Old Master Wang took a trick here. The Jixia Academy didn't ask the students to say that they had any shortcomings, so Old Master Wang didn't say it explicitly. He only asked someone to take Wang Jinling to the Jixia Academy to sign up, and then take the examination of the JiXia Academy. Wang Jinling's eyes are invisible, but his eyes are smart and vividor could they be taught by bad children who only knew a few words. Poetic and bookish people who havg young man as their own disciple. The close disciples of the great Confucians are naturally different from the ordinary students of the Jixia Academy. Every year, the Jixia Academy recruits hundreds of people,smartboards for business, who may become close disciples of the great Confucians, but only one or two every year. You can imagine how strict these great Confucians are in recruiting close disciples. Wang Jinling's identity was not difficult to find out, and soon these great Confucians knew that the young man with extraordinary bearing was the eldest son of the Wang family and the future head of the Wang family. Go and get his test paper. 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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