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Carry the boss to spell the lower limit Private

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As if thinking of something, the young man sighed slightly, then looked up at the autumn sky, which looked very high and blue, and smiled. Never mind, it's fine as it is now.   What's with your reluctant tone?! "" Xia Huangquan stretched out his hand and pounded his fist on Shang Biluo's abdomen. Accustomed to this action, she had a good grasp of her strength. But suddenly felt the feeling was not right, like hitting a piece of steel, hard, although not so shocking that the girl's hands tingled, but still surprised her,Horse weight lbs, "You, when did you develop abdominal muscles?"   "Hello!" It's not like I haven't seen it, right? She helped him pull up his pants back in the day! As if aware of the depression in the girl's heart, Shang Biluo stretched out her hand and poked her bulging cheek by mistake: "Otherwise, give you a chance not to be a stranger?" Xia Huangquan narrowed his eyes: "No, thank you!" I knew this guy didn't have a good heart! Not to mention it, she suddenly remembered that this guy seemed to be about or maybe before. To her that what what what? If you tell him that she accidentally forgot, Walking tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, will she be strangled? However, while he mentioned that little brother Yan was not around and the crisis had dispersed, it would be better to make it clear, right? In the final analysis, she felt that this kind of thing was one or two. If you like it, you should accept it. If you don't like it, you should clearly refuse it. Thinking of this, she opened her mouth: "I..." "Is there anything strange about this?" Shang Biluo picked up a crystal nucleus unintentionally. The words were interrupted, and she went on: "I said …" "It's mentioned in some books that it's useful. Don't you think it's fiction?" “……” The other side's expression did not seem to take the words just now seriously, but Xia Huangquan felt that he was intentional, certainly intentional, absolutely intentional. Obviously can bite the bullet to finish in one breath, but see his action, I do not know why, her heart filled with a trace of hesitation, the mind actually came up with two people get along with the scene, finally fixed in the critical moment he held the stone slab toward the zombie king fired that shot. If you become a zombie, you will lose your mind, which is almost no accident. So what was it that kept him coming to her step by step? No, maybe not just go. The picture of memory became clearer and clearer, and her eyes could not help falling on the sleeves and knees of the young man, where there were obvious traces of friction, which could only appear if she crawled and moved step by step. Even if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she could almost recall the scene in her mind-the young man tried his best to push away the stone slab that covered everything, and then crawled on the ground with his hands and feet, clasping the nails of his hands like zombies, clasping the ground with his arms and knees at the same time, dragging his two legs that could not move. Gradually, his legs, which had lost consciousness, slowly gathered some strength. He climbed up the stone slab beside him and finally succeeded in standing up after falling down countless times. He helped them stagger all the way, stumbling, sometimes falling down and climbing up again until he found her.  and it's too easy to be cheated! If time can be reset, she must fall in love eight or ten times to practice a steel heart again! The problem was that there were no ifs in the world,Diameter tape measure, so she had to accept them calmly, and she felt that maybe she should collect her thoughts. So she let go of her hand and looked at Shang Biluo seriously. "When we get back, let's have a good talk." 。 tapemeasure.net