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Xiao Xing Ji Professional

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Lin Xiao blinked his eyes, and when he saw the sad appearance of the medicine, Lin Xiao's heart was sour for a while. However, he did not know how to pacify the medicine. He is a complete layman about the attributes of the five elements and the power of magic. What reaswith a smile, and circled around Lin Xiao twice. Lin Xiao looked at Yao'er inexplicably, but saw Yao'er shaking his head and saying, "Younger Martial Brother, what is the so-called Tianxin?"? Well, what did Shifu teach me? Let me think, let me think. The medicine son just put a spectrum son to want to teach Lin Xiao a lesson, but suddenly forgot the word son, for a moment a little sullen beat up his head. Well,fake blossom tree, don't worry, Elder Martial Sister. Younger Martial Brother has learned Taoism, and he won't act recklessly. Lin Xiao saw the medicine hit hard on his head with one palm after another, and hurriedly persuaded him. Oh, yes! Yao'er was suddenly enlightened and said, "Master said that the power of Taoism and Dharma is too great to be used to do evil. Otherwise, the school will not forgive you.". Well, yeah, that's what it says. Well,silk ficus tree, now listen carefully, I will give you a practice of palm thunder, you can slowly follow the method of palm thunder, communicate the power of thunder between heaven and earth, and send out palm thunder. Yao Er's face became extremely serious, her right hand became a sword finger, and there was a faint flash of purple and blue lightning on her fingertips. Medicine son a muffled hum, the sword finger mercilessly in Lin Xiao's eyebrows. A thunderbolt force straight into Lin Xiao's body, Lin Xiao only felt cold hair all over his body, the thunderbolt force made him tremble violently all over his body, crisp but extremely comfortable. Da Luodan Dao is not famous for Taoism. Compared with some monks who specialize in metaphysics, those monks can turn their own cultivation into a powerful and uncast thunder, while all the skills of Da Luodan Dao are not so powerful. Da Luodandao's various thunder methods are more based on the power of the outside world. The elders of the school give the younger generation a seed of strength, which is used to communicate with the external energy. Driven by its own truth, the seed communicated with the outside world and turned it into all kinds of attacks, outdoor palm trees ,large palm trees for sale, which is the core gist of Da Luodan's attack on Taoism. Such a way of attack, in fact, is also in line with the Taoist purpose of the unity of heaven and man to intercept the power of heaven and earth for their own use. But the Dharma of the Great Rodin Way is somewhat specious, and the power of heaven and earth they borrowed is much weaker than the Dharma of other monastics who use the power of heaven andagments and sprayed everywhere. Yao'er applauded and laughed happily and said, "Well done,  Carefully looking at all kinds of elixirs for a while, the medicine son just laughed out of the face suddenly hung tears. Whoo, why don't you have a medicine for healing? I remember, these days ~ "I tilted my head and thought for a long time, and then Yao Er sighed with a sad face:" It's over. I've been busy refining the powder for repelling snakes and insects these days. Healing medicine? I'm not good at it. "Medicine!" A gentle voice like water came from one side: "Use this'Huiyuan Dan '." A thin white hand handed over a pale golden elixir. Oh! Back to yuan Dan? It's just right! Medicine silly also did not see who handed her the pill,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, casually grabbed the pill, violently broke open Lin Xiao's mouth, threw the pill into his mouth. hacartificialtree.com

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