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Woman Disguised as a Man: The King of Arrogant Idleness Professional

3 months ago Fashion, Home & Garden Saltillo   85 views

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Su Qingling was kidnapped by the old man, but his expression was not in a hurry, and he was interested in watching the rapidly retreating scenery around him. That fearlessness attracted the old man's appreciation. He decided to accept him as an apprentice and teach him all the martial arts. Put down the master. Ming Yi and Ming Er roared at the old man holding Su Qingling and sped up to catch up from behind. Damn it, it's their carelessness. Will let Wang Ye be kidnapped, if they can not save the master, only to wipe their own neck to apologize. Yo, here come two more kids. The old man in blue looked back at Ming Yi and Ming Er and said with a smile, as if he were a cat teasing a mouse. He used his flying skills to run faster, and the distance between Ming Yi and him was pulled down by a large margin. Ming Yi, Ming Er, you go back. I'll be back. Su Qingling said unhurriedly to the bodyguard behind him. How dare Ming Yi and Ming Er go back, unless they want to go back to Nanyao and be snapped by the emperor and continue to chase. Baby, aren't you afraid?! The old man looked down at Su Qingling and raised his eyebrows,Gear Reduction Motor, with marks on the corners of his mouth. Do you eat people? Should I be afraid of you?! Su Qingling answered disdainfully. Ha ha ha, well, the old man didn't make a mistake. The old man laughed so hard that his chest shook, and then his body shook and he ran with Su Qingling in the direction of the suburbs. Xia Si Luo also caught up at the moment, leaving Ming Yi and Ming Er behind,brushless gear motor, a pair of ice eyes have been looking at the figure of the old man in blue Su Qingling, followed them to the suburbs. Still want to chase? _________________ In a word, comment. How interesting Text Arrogant King 051: If you want to accept an apprentice, pass on your skill first "Still chasing?" The old man in blue stopped in the woods with Su Qingling and looked back at Xiasiluo, who was in hot pursuit of them. . For more exciting free chapters, please visit 。 The light of the sun projected down from the luxuriant forest, sprinkling the golden yellow on the ground. The birds sang softly in the woods, with some silence. Let her go. Xiasiluo stared at the old man with his long and deep eyes and said coldly. That super cool appearance provoked Su Qingling could not help but raise her lips, really worthy of her favorite best ah. Boy, your skill is also good. The old man in blue narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Xiasiluo, Brushless Gear Motor ,24v Gear Motor, but his face was frosty, and even the breath from his body was cold. It was really boring to be an iceberg. . Or is this kid in his hands much more interesting? Yeah, to his taste. Strange old man, let go of our master. Ming Yi and Ming Er also stared at the old man in blue. . "It seems that your status is not low." The old man in blue ignored them and looked down at Su Qingling instead. Su Qingling shrugged his shoulders and said to the old man: "Let go of me first. My shoulders are sore when I hold them." The old man in blue was stunned, then let go of her and burst out laughing. .| "Really interesting, ha ha, boy, how to be my apprentice?" Hearing the words of the old man in blue, they were stunned for a moment. Did not expect him to kidnap Su Qingling, is to accept her as an apprentice? "Yes." Su Qingling nodded, and her answer surprised Xia Silo, Ming Yi, and Ming Er even more. Master- " "You said yes so easily?" But the old man in blue was very suspicious of her straightforward answer. He raised his thick eyed his expression, which did not look like a lie. And this old man in blue is supposed to be a perverse and eccentric martial arts master. It would be a very good thing if he could really turn himself into a martial arts master in a few months. . At least I have martial arts. She is more capable of'domineering '. ichgearmotor.com