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The years I got hit in the face [wear it quickly] Private

1 year ago Fashion, Home & Garden Balancán   329 views

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He withdrew his appreciative gaze, opened the drawer, opened Jiang Yue's photo album, found the pictures of the school, looked at them carefully, and took out the picture of Jiang Yuhuai alone, only to find that there was a sentence behind the picture, a sentence written with a pen. The guard at the door was watching some boring news reports. He was so surprised to see Jiang Yue go out that he scratched his head and did not know whether to stop Jiang Yue from going out. He had never seen Jiang Yue leave for a long time, and Mr. Shen did not say that Jiang Yue could not go out, but before Jiang Yue did not want to leave, so he never went out. Besides, Jiang Yue is an adult,tile trim factory, and Mr. Shen will not restrict his travel. He thought so and did not stop him. Open the door and call a car to take me down the hill. "Where are you going?" He called Jiang Yue to call the driver at home and asked. School He reported the location to the driver, came to the search of Jiang Yue and Jiang Yuhuai's original school, thanks to the name of the school in the photo, will not let him can not call out the place to go. He sat in the car, and the driver, holding his well-kept student ID card, reported Shen's name to the person who stopped the car on campus,stainless steel tile edging, saying that he wanted to revisit the school. Today is Saturday, there are not many students in the school, so the school did not do too much to stop, they also borrowed Shen's name, driving around the school a few times. There Jiang Yue, who had been very quiet since he got on the bus, suddenly said to the driver, "It's the place I used to like to go." "What?" The driver glanced at him through the mirror. He pointed to the hill behind the school. It's beautiful there. I like walking there in summer, riding a bicycle and smelling the fresh air, full of vegetation fragrance.. The well-preserved photographs of the original owner flashed through his mind one by one, and he whispered about them as if he had really experienced them. The mountain road built by the school is very wide, but I always like to step on the narrow road edge, open my hands and walk slowly there.. The man behind me would tell me to slow down, stainless steel tile trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, and he would stretch out his hand and make random gestures behind me, always afraid that I would fall down and make people upset. He said here and suddenly closed his eyes. The driver didn't know who he was talking about, so he was embarrassed. …… Parking. I'll go to the back hill by myself. I won't go far.  It's impossible for me to replace a character I don't know at all and play him perfectly. I can't go on like this. I can only change the status quo. "And how to change?"? I want to think, this method is the fastest and most worry-free way, although very old-fashioned, but easy to use. He stepped on the edge of the road and exhaled cold air. The narrow steps were only three fingers wide. However, this old-fashioned reason also has certain risks. He looked down. "It's impossible to die, but when I roll down, the force or trajectory can't be controlled at all. If my head hits a thicker tree, the violent impact may really make me silly, or make my head sink into a piece,metal trim manufacturers, or else it's unlucky or vegetative, or it will really pass." Since there are so many risks, you should not go this way. 。 jecatrims.com