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The Museum of the World of Quick Wear Private

1 year ago Pets & Mascots San Luis Potosí   377 views

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As soon as the three-tailed magic fox came out, he understood everything and shed tears of grief. He used his ability to collect the man's soul. He wanted the man to stay with him forever and never leave. However,  wife's appearance, and the two feelings turned into one, who could bear this abnormal and profound love? In the picture of resentful beads, Ouyang Ruyu also saw the follow-up of the story, the ending buried in the gap of time. At that time, the scholar killed the flower demon by mistake,euro plastic pallet, and he was confused and fell into a lot of self-reproach. He could not forgive himself, nor could he face his wife calmly. Finally, he became ill and died early. In the last days of the scholar, he always silently looked at a flower in front of the window in a daze, which was similar to the flower that had accompanied him before. After the death of the scholar, his soul floated out of his body, and at the same time, the flowers he had been looking at before his death also floated out a ray of white light, which was the soul of the flower demon! This flower was indeed the place where the remnant soul of the flower demon was placed after it was killed. The two strands of soul were born at different times,plastic pallet bin, but they escaped into reincarnation together at the same time. Next is the story of the third generation, He Ruolan, a woman full of understanding, and Chop Feng, who has been talented since childhood. Before reading the story, Ouyang Ruyu sighed from the bottom of her heart. It's too bitter! This story is more painful than the previous two stories, he Ruolan is the third generation of the fox, she is still a flower demon, full of spirituality, evil spirit is not exposed, even the abbot was deceived in the past. And the reincarnation of the scholar is the wind of the palm. In the first life, they don't understand love. In the second life, they tasted love for the first time. In the third life, they were finally together, but they didn't end up well. Chop the wind down the mountain experience, see he Ruolan's first sight fell in love with her, and he Ruolan is the same. What isolates them is not the little three and four, spill plastic pallet ,drum spill containment, nor the brother and master who have loved the wind since childhood, but the identity of man and demon! Even in the folk, countless stories tell people that the love between man and demon is dead, and there is no good ending. Chop wind and he Ruolan overcome all difficulties together, decided to wander around the world together, he Ruolan vowed that she would be a good demon, and chop wind will not forget the first heart, even if not a monk, will continue to do justice for  love has been bound by countless responsibilities and morals, and has turned into a heavy pressure. In fact, this ending has already been doomed. After Chop Feng committed suicide, his master just appeared, he said that he Ruolan's stalker, will let Chop Feng come to this point today. He Ruolan did not believe that there was a war with the master of the wind, originally he Ruolan was able to kill the master, but at the last moment, she thought that this was the most respected master of the wind, so she hesitated. The master seized the opportunity and killed him with his backhand. He Ruolan's soul escaped in danger. It has always been a demon, the first is a fox, the second is a flower demon, and the third is also a flower demon. The flower demon is so fragile that it must be parasitized on more powerful and tough food before it can grow slowly, including recovery. So after her soul escaped, she found a lush tree by the roadside and prepared to recover slowly. Unfortunately, its soul is too weak, even if it is a slow recovery, it is not enough to support it to remember the memory of the past. Powerful soul power poured into the tree, gradually let the tree give birth to wisdom, and then with the help of the incomplete soul of the flower demon, there is now a thousand-year-old tree demon! The birth of this tree demon is only a hundred years, but with the help of He Ruolan's soul, it has a thousand years of work! Unfortunately, he could not recover his memory, and even the thousand-year-old tree demon thought that he was born a tree demon. He Ruolan, your memory has all been restored,wholesale plastic pallet, Chop the wind has already been reincarnated, you and he simply can not continue the relationship, why do you still struggle to keep the world. 。 cnplasticpallet.com