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Add 4.8mol of n-butanol into the flask, place it in a water bath, and slowly add 0.3mol of TiCl 4 dropwise when the temperature in the flask does not exceed 80 ℃. After dropping, replace the dropping funnel with an ammonia inlet tube, and slowly introduce dry ammonia. When ammonia is introduced,nickel titanium wire, white smoke is produced in the reaction bottle, and the temperature in the bottle keeps rising. The reaction temperature is controlled not to exceed 100 deg C by adjusting the ammonia feeding speed. When the HC1 produced by the reaction is completely neutralized by ammonia, the introduction of ammonia is stopped. At this time, that wat bath was replaced with an oil bath, and the reaction was carry out at 110. dd by removing a certain amount of isopropanol. The reaction equation is: III. Functions and Types of Titanium Coupling Agents 1. Function It is well known that tetravalent carbon atoms form the basis of life. Chemists, inspired by the characteristics of tetravalent titanium,ti6al4v, have ingeniously designed multi-functional titanates with the general formula: (R1O) mTi- (OX-R2-Y) n, in an attempt to act as molecular bridges linidely used in organic synthesis and polymer chemistry. For example, the coating made of tetra-n-butyl titanate, modified silicone, epoxy and alkyd resin as base materials and appropriate amount of aluminum powder pigment can be used for a long time at 600 ℃. When tetrabutyl titanate or tetraisopropyl titanate is used as the catalyst for esterification or alcoholysis, titanium filler rod ,titanium round bar, it can be used at ure of the titanate. If the processing temperature is higher than the decomposition temperature of the titanate, the titanate wi-pelletize. After the reaction of the titanate and the filler, the decomposition point is obviously improved. For example,titanium bar gr5, the decomposition temperature of the combination of TTS and filler is 335 ℃, and the processing is not a problem in general. b. Pretreatment method : The advantage of the prlic through pretreatment. Prevent moisture invasion And that performance of the fill is kept stable. At present, several foreign companies have sold fillers pretreated by titanate. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com

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