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Surgical mask, N95, KN95.. Silly can't tell? After reading this article Professional

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Original title: surgical mask, N95, KN95.. Silly can't tell? You will understand after reading this article. These days, people all over the country are paying attention to masks- "medical masks", "medical nursing masks", "surgical mask", "medical protectivelock the daily cross-contamination between medical staff and patients, and there is no particularly high requirement. If it is used by the public, that is to say,KN95 Face Mask, it is used to block bad breath and pretend, the actual effect of protection is not very ideal. Medical surgical mask: YY 0469-2011 Expand the full text YY0469 requires the surgical respirator to have a bacterial filtering performance. Generally, the fWhen making masks, enterprises usually divide them into three layers: the internal absorbent layer, the middle filter layer,Full Body Disposable Coverall, and the external waterproof layer. Each layer has a special role (here is the key point, which will be used later). Because of the different workplaces, the particulate matter that people are exposed to can generally be divided into two categories: oily and non-oilard, KN type masks are divided again according to their filtering performance on non-oily particles, so we are familiar with KN90, KN95 and KN100 masks. Among them, KN95 mask is one of the most common masks, which has a filtering performance of more than 95% for non-oily particles (detected by sodium chloride). See the following table for details. See here, I don't know if you have found a problem, KN95 Face Mask ,Medical Disposable Coverall, just before, I have told you that the medical surgical mask (YY0469-2011) requires that the filtering performance of non-oily particles is ≥ 30%, which is much lower than the requirement of ≥ 95% of KN95 mask, so many people naturally think that: Especially the KN95 mask is definitely vent liquid penetration. Because its tightness with the face is not as good as that of medical protective masks, it is generally not used for the protection of high-risk operations, but it can meet the operation of ordinary risks. The above are all choices for medical institutions, so how should the public choose? 1. If you can choose a surgical mask, try to choose a surgical mask. (Comfort considerations) 2. If you can choose a mask without a breathing valve, try to choose a mask without a breathing valve. (For the safety of others) If you really don't have a mask,free shipping disposable coverall, stay at home and don't go anywhere! Editor: Wang Xing Responsible Editor: Fan Liping Source: Zhongshan Hospital, SIFIC Infection Official Micro, Wenhui Client Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com

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