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Suizi Monogatari Private

3 months ago Fashion, Home & Garden Balancán   80 views

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At first, Suizi didn't understand Grandpa's words, but later she was very embarrassed. She felt that Grandpa's life was somewhat irrelevant to hers. Grandpa's posture, tone and costume were placed in the peaceful environment of the nursery, which was very strange.   As early as the fifties, the government came forward to match up some veterans and married the grandmother who had been widowed for many years to the grandfather. The old man, who was called grandfather by Suizi, had nothing to do with her in blood. But that's the last word. Now Suizi is still young and naive. Grandpa is a backer and courage to her. It's an old horse. It's a warm water bag. In winter,whirlpool hot tub, there was always a hot water bag in Suizi's bed, but once the water leaked out and scalded Suizi's legs, Grandpa gave Suizi his own bed. Until Suizi went to primary school, her bed was made by her grandfather. Grandpa sat in bed, wearing headphones to listen to the semiconductor, an hour later the bed was hot, Suizi went to sleep. Not long after Grandma died,whirlpool bathtub, something big happened outside. People fell out overnight and rushed to Suizi's parents' home early in the morning and dragged Suizi's father away. After that, Suizi's mother packed some things with her leather every day and went to Grandpa's backyard to burn them. They burn photos, paper and books. There were some things she really couldn't do, so she put them aside. Suizi knew that it was some of his father's manuscripts or scripts, which were still unfinished. Suizi's mother put Suizi's father's manuscript in a big bamboo basket filled with rags. It was at this time that Suizi was convinced that the brown leather shoes and flesh-colored stockings in the basket were incriminating evidence: it was in them that the mother kicked the baby in two feet. Suizi thought that her mother wanted to kick her to death at that time, but later she changed her mind and was afraid of her sudden resentment against the baby, so she stopped wearing the high-heeled shoes. Suizi's mother gave the basket to Grandpa. Grandpa says: "You are at ease, which dare copy my home?" Early this morning, Grandpa went to buy coal for the winter, and the people who ransacked the house came. Suizi asked them to copy first and trotted to the coal station to call Grandpa. When Grandpa came back, he opened the drawer and took out a green felt, which was covered with his medals of merit. He threw the felt on the table and said to the ransacking man, "Little bastard, indoor endless pool ,endless swimming pool, where did the ransacking go?" The people who ransacked the house were all under 20 years old, and most of them were outsiders, so they didn't know that Grandpa Suizi couldn't be trifled with. Grandpa Suizi didn't want to die in the war in his early years, and now he has lost his life many times to get it back, so he has earned it for nothing. The man who ransacked the house stopped for a moment.  The girls said, "It turned out to be an old hero who used a knife to gouge out his own flesh without even giving him an anesthetic." They came up and shook hands with Grandpa one by one, saying how happy they were to shake hands with a living hero for the first time. As they shook hands, they jumped up and down,best whirlpool tub, their noses and eyes red. The man who picked the lock was dejected, and when he came up to shake hands with Grandpa, he smiled dejectedly. monalisa.com