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Si Ming Private

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Si Ming nodded: "I don't like it." Without giving the Emperor of Heaven a chance to open his mouth, Si Ming added, "I have paid so much for you before. Now you marry me and only use some vulgar things to send  Si Ming is not polite. I want the treasure on the Soul Pavilion." There is a treasure named "Shupu" on the Shupu Pavilion. It can wash the soul of the world, no matter where the demons and ghosts,precision welded tubes, in front of this treasure, the turbid gas is scattered. This thing is the treasure of heaven. After hearing Si Ming's request, the Emperor of Heaven had doubts in his heart: "What do you want it for?" "It's no use. It's just that the immortals who have nothing to do are waiting to see me get frustrated here. They have laughed for thousands of years. Finally, I have to be proud and elated in front of them." "Petty." "Who is petty?"? I still have to marry you, and the baby has to go round and round and come back to your arms. Si Mingliang said,side impact door beams, "You can lend me to go out to show off and blind the dog eyes of those busybodies." "He has no ambition and only knows how to haggle over every ounce with villains all day long." The Emperor of Heaven is sarcastic. But his familiar life should also be this virtue. Willing to play with him, the rogue asked for a reward, and the Emperor of Heaven shamefully found himself missing her very much. Si Ming should be the one who is invulnerable to swords and spears, not to oil and salt, and to cling to him. Do you give it or not? The Emperor of Heaven buried himself in the document again and said, "Don't take the soul away from heaven." "I know, I know, and I'll bring it to you when I get married." Si Ming waved his hand and got up to leave. When he took her to the door, she suddenly asked, "When will the wedding banquet be held?" "After March." When Si Ming stepped out of the door of her bedroom, she looked up at the sky and thought to herself, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, "March is not enough.". The news of heaven spread very quickly. A few days after the news came out that the lady of the  small waist, sitting on the windowsill will ignore Si Ming. Si Ming coaxed her with good words all night, but there was still no improvement. Seeing that the day was about to break, the two fairies, Chaoyun and Sunset, were coming again. She was so angry that she grabbed the hair of the orchid with one hand and covered her face with the other, turning her into the same face as herself. Orchid is frightened greatly: "You this female bandit!" "I am not only a robber or a female hooligan, but also a female overlord." Si Ming threatened her with a sneer: "After raising you for so many years, you know what my temperament is. If you don't do this for me today, it's not impossible for me to cook you with hogweed and feed the pigs when I  twisted an invisible decision and pushed the door to go out. All the people in the heaven were busy with their own things. Si Ming carefully covered the eyes and ears of the Tianmen guards and quietly went down to the world. She carried the blue cover of the life book in her arms. She wanted to follow the records on it to find a place. A place where Ersheng and Changyuan come and go. Chapter 53. Preparation When the warm wind blows, the world is already in the fire season. The time of the lower world always passes faster than that of the heaven. Si Ming remembered that the book said that Ersheng would be eighteen years old in July, and now she has changed her identity and has gone through eighteen years. cbiesautomotive.com