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Shaolin Magic Pattern Master of the Other World Professional

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"It's no use crying!"! I ask you first, did I win the duel or did you win it? Kong Wen raised his head and asked at the top of his voice. …… You won.. "Will you still allow your meorously. Of course, the young master is omnipotent! The little girl stretched out her hands and firmly grasped the right arm of the hole grain, fearing that the hole grain would leave her. But, boss, I guess Miss Victoria will go to complain to Don Quixote, you. Me what? By the way, where is the stable in Wufeng Castle? "What's going on over there?" "I'm going to rob a horse!" "Uh.." Boss, are you ready to go back? Yes, the New Year is coming. Of course I'm going back. What about you? Don't you go back? "I won't go back. Anyway, there's nothing to do when I go back. I'd better take the time to practice hard here. I'm thirteen years old this year, and Wen Ling is about to wake up, temperature check kiosk , so I still have to take the time!" The little fat man scratched the back of his head and said with a sigh. Well, that's all right. See you after the New Year. Come on, your Sirius formula is not weak. Just do what I tell you on weekdays! Kong Wen nodded, patted the little fat man on the shoulder, and nodded. Boss, take care all the way! "Yes, thank you!" Following the direction pointed out by the little fat man, Kong Wen led the little girl through the corridor, across the front yard, and finally came to the fairly rich stable in Wufeng Castle. As the New Year is approaching, most of the students are ready to go, and the number of horses in the stable is still satisfied, at least dozens of horses. Young master, is it not good for us to take other people's horses like this? Why don't we go to Jinchuan City at the foot of the mountain and find a carriage? The little girl was obviously the first time she had encountered such a situation, so she was very nervous and whispered as she walked. "It's all right. These people are all rich guys anyway. It doesn't matter if you take a horse with them!" With a careless wave of his hand, Kong Wen's eyes swept through the dozens of horses, and finally settled on a green horse with a blue body, without a stray hair, taller than Kong Wen. That's it! Loosen the little girl's hand, went to the green Cong horse, untied the reins, patted the horse gently on the neck,ashing expression, but her eyes swept the stable, but did not find her BMW at all! "Xiaoqing?"? Where have you been hiding? "Xiaoqing, stop it, come out quickly, I'm so annoyed now!" "Xiaoqing?"? Xiaoqing? Come out quickly. Looking at the dozens of horses in the open stable, only the one missing, Victoria let out a frantic howl: "What the hell stole my horse." ———————————————————————— The third chapter, before and after these chapters will be relaxed, and then will enter the imperial capital. Whew. Ask for tickets, collect! The sixty-ninth chapter of the main text is the mysterious gold-robed man [asking for tickets, collecting]. Updated: June 25, 2009 12:23:57 Words in this Chapter: 2612. hsdtouch.com

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