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Shangjing Palace Love History by Weiyanzhai Professional

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Empress Dowager Wanyan killed many dissidents on the pretext of "accompanying the late emperor". Everyone dared to be angry but did not dare to speak out. The Khitan people were simple and did not think of a suitable way to deal with it, so they had to yield to her power. Southerners in the end is smart, to give a person a taste of his own medicine, a word to the queen mother speechless. All of a sudden, everyone had a feeling of joy, feeling that a sword hanging overhead could finally herself hung a sharp dagger with gold cut and broken hair on her waist. Seeing her slowly draw out the dagger, everyone pinched a sweat for Wang Yao, Wang Yao calmly kneeling in the middle of the hall, not afraid to look directly at the movements of the queen mother. However, the queen mother's action was beyond everyone's expectation. With lightning speed, she put her arm on the armrest of the throne, raised the knife high, and everyone felt a flower in front of them, then saw the queen mother's arm spattered with blood, and one hand was cut off by the wrist. Wanyan's face turned pale and he threw the broken hand into the middle of the hall. The blood on the broken hand spilled all over the floor and splashed on Wang Yao's chest. She was still able to calmly pull off her belt and tie her arm tightly,Inflatable water obstacle course, wrap the wound, and then, with a trill of pain, said steadily, "Wang Yao is right.". Ordinarily, I received the kindness of the late emperor, and I had to go underground to accompany him. But now the country urgently needs to open up territory, enrich the country and strengthen the army,inflatable amusement park, the emperor is still so young, how can I rest assured that the first emperor's inheritance to him alone? Coming back from this defeat, I am particularly worried. Now, with this flesh-and-blood arm, instead of my body, accompany the late emperor to sleep. In the future, when the country is stable and the emperor grows up, it will not be too late for me to accompany the late emperor. She glanced at her eldest son resentfully, and sure enough, Xiao Yicheng frowned slightly, probably unconvinced by the word "young". She looked down again at Xiao Yiqing, the king of Haixi, who was probably the most indignant one in the group. He threw himself into the hall, holding his mother's broken hand in tears, and then quickly turned around and punched Wang Yao in the face. "The king of Haixi!" Wanyan Pei shouted. She was already weak and cold, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable indoor park, but she was still dignified and calm. "Since Wang Yao refused to admit treason, I will leave him alive first, and then I will interrogate him slowly." Half of Wang Yao's face wainted, he also let people toss and turn. The Imperial Physician re-bandaged the Empress Dowager's wound at the Zichen Palace. He shook his head and said to Xiao Yicheng, "Your Majesty, the Empress Dowd said reproachfully, "I've just recovered from a serious illness. I'm not careful about my body. No matter how busy and anxious I am, will I delay a meal?" Help him set the table a few days before the case. The six dishes are rich in color, and the fresh and refreshing appearance makes people have a big appetite at first sight. Xiao Yicheng is not only grateful, but also really has an appetite, with Ganzhou sweet taste of side dishes. The person behind him gently fanned him, and the faint fragrance on her body came and went, but as soon as she looked back, she could see her naturally curved mouth, always with a warm expression that made people move. After dinner, the spirit has recovered a lot. Xiao Yicheng rinsed his mouth and wiped his hands contentedly, watching Wanyan Chuo tidying up the table in good order. Even though it was the work of the maids, she did it briskly and neatly, and naturally gave birth to a sense of beauty. Xiao Yicheng couldn't help hugging her and whispering in her ear: "Ah Yan,Inflatable meltdown, I just feel better when I see you today." Wanyan Chuo did not want to meet and refuse as usual. She relaxed her body and let the emperor hold her. Feeling his breathing relaxed, she patted him on the back of his hand: "Your Majesty is too tired. Take a rest.". Take a nap in the afternoon, and the spirit is better in the afternoon. 。 joyshineinflatables.com