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Recommend [Horror Reasoning] Death Professional

1 year ago Fashion, Home & Garden San Nicolás de los Garza   279 views

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Xia Buer was very puzzled. "There is a kind of bumblebee on the top of the mountain. They are the natural enemies of red fire ants. But it's not a big problem for us. Red fire ants will run away when they smell them. We catch bumblebees and feed them in jars. We put them in every corner to protect the town. Other monsters dare not approach red fire ants!" "What is the black liquid they threw out." Xia Buer turned around and said, "After the bumblebee dies, we soak it in a bottle. It turns black after a long time. We occasionally go fishing in the river or pick fruit in the woods, so we take it with us to deal with red fire ants. But we never dare to leave too far. How did you get in?" "I came in, ran and killed all the way, and met a lot of monkeys and monitor lizards.." Xia Buer pulled out the corpse claw dagger and threw it gently. The dagger was immediately inserted into the bar with a sound of "snatching". It went straight into the handle without reservation. Everyone immediately gave out an exclamation. But Xia Buer raised the corpse claw spear again and asked: "Do you want to leave here? If you want, come with me!" "I have to ask everyone's opinion." Uniqlo hurriedly turned around, and everyone immediately began to whisper. It seemed that some people wanted to leave quickly, but some people obviously didn't have the courage. But Xia Buer opened his mouth again and said, "Miss Uniqlo!"! I guess your underwear is full of holes. Are you willing to die of old age in such a shabby place? Embarrassed, Uniqlo bit her red lips. After thinking about it,PET blowing machine, she stood up and began to persuade everyone. Finally, she turned her head and said, "If you can find a way out of here, and it's safe and feasible,Vegetable oil filling machine, we are willing to help you leave together. You can't get out of here alone!" “OK! Long Yi will accompany me to go up the mountain to have a look first, you should need these things very much. Xia Buer took out two boxes of medicine and condoms and handed them to Longyi. Longyi was surprised to take them over. He quickly stood up and bowed to thank him. He called two great boys to accompany him directly. Unfortunately, they didn't have flares here. They didn't know if they could see the smoke outside on the mountain. Chapter 0975 please make yourself at home. Two signal smoke was lit on the top of the hill, and the thick green smoke went straight up to the sky. Normally, you can see it with a telescope on the sea, but now it's not normal. Xia Buer can't see the sea outside when he stands on the top of the hill. There's a thick white fog all around. Even the valley where he came can't be seen. Alas, this place.. Xia Buer sighed and turned around. Long Yi and others were all standing in the back. Everyone was wearing self-made bee-proof clothes. Otherwise, they would be stung to death by the bumblebees on the mountain. The bumblebees here were not only as numerous as cattle hair, liquid bottle filling machine ,juice filling machine, but also as big as lobsters. Otherwise, they could not restrain the red fire ants. Have you ever been to a volcano. Xia Buer pointed to the towering volcano. He couldn't tell which direction the freighter was parked now. Uniyi came over and said, "We haven't been there since the earthquake. There's nothing on the volcano, and we have to go through a plain to get to the volcano. It's very dangerous!" "Can I play with your gun." Long Yi and two young men came over and cautiously pointed to the pistol in his waist. Xia Buer did not hesitate to pull it out and handed it to them. Then he turned around and walked to the edge of the cliff. Behind him was the sinkhole he had just gone down the river. A large number of waspsear the whale's cry?" Whales? The whale's voice should not be heard by human ears. Xia Buer looked at her in wonder. Uniyi nodded and said, "Normal people can't hear. But there is an old captain in our town. He said that whales sing every sunset. It sounds very sad. We always thought he was telling stories. Do you hear the same sound?" "Yes!"! It seems to be coming from over there. Xia Buer pointed to the misty place behind the mountain. The sad whale calls kept coming from there, but they were still at a loss. Xia Buer had to continue walking down the mountain, but Long Yi suddenly knocked and said,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "Xia Sang!"! The virus of the living dead came from your country, didn't it? "Nonsense!"! The Koreans did it, planted it on us. 。 gzxilinear.com