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One Sword Light Cold Fourteen States Private

4 months ago Multimedia Saltillo   185 views

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Ximen Bao laughed and said, "Do you still remember my nephew Ximen Tai, who made Gu Juner, the Little  have to, so that Nvxia Yan and others can save people calmly at the peak! Master Chengkong is always ready to help Brother Murong. I, on the other hand, used the old trick of the past year to confuse the minds of the old master and his disciples, making them suspicious and easy to be fooled! Lv Chongwen frowned and said, "Elder,collapsible bulk containers, your assignment is good, but it's a little unfair. Aunt Yan and I are not allowed to participate in the interesting meeting of Liu's grave, but we are punished to climb the high Mount Tai. The more I think about it, the more unconvinced I am!" These words, can not help but cause everyone to laugh, Tianxiang Yufeng Yan Ningsu, originally worried about the iron gallbladder scholar alone to the white bone king old monster Wei Guang, too dangerous, want to use their own iron scale swordfish fish skin soft armor, for him to protect the chest and back,plastic pallet bins, now see Ximen leopard's poisonous hedgehog gold, "can defend oneself, but also can defeat the enemy, of course, stronger than the fish skin soft armor, in the heart, also slightly put!"! During the whole day, Chengkong, Murong Gang, Yan Ningsu, and Lv Chongwen were all sitting quietly, but Ximen Bao went out alone and did not know how to arrange it? As soon as the setting sun fell, Chengkong, Ximen Bao, and Murong Gang ambushed inside Liu's grave, and Tianxiang Yufeng Yan Ningsu and Lu Chongwen hid in a clump of bamboo groves about half a mile away from the grave. Lv Chongwen counted the time silently. It was nearly the beginning of the watch. He was saying in a low voice, "Aunt Yan!"! Is it possible that the old monster is alert? Don't fall for it! Yan Ningsu seemed to have heard, suddenly stretched out his jade hand to make a gesture, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible pallet box, made him silent, two people at the same time to the father-in-law peak attention, as expected in the moonlight, one white and one black, two figures, fast as if flying against the wind, straight to Liu's grave gallop! When Yan Ningsu and Lu Chongwen saw Wei Guang, the Heavenly King of White Bones, they had an appointment with Song Sanqing, a scholar of Xuangui Feather. They went out from the back of the bamboo grove, displayed their skills, and went straight to the peak of their father-in-law! They go here, still have an unexpected encounter, but temporarily  stunned when they heard this. They thought to themselves that Ximen Bao, the demon of a thousand poisons, was clearly imprisoned by himself at the head of the peak. Just before he went down the mountain to make an appointment, he was still on him. How could another one appear here? The man in black seemed to have guessed the intentions of his master and disciples. He stretched out his hand and slowly took off his mask. He said with a strange smile, "Wei Guang and Song Sanqing, what are you suspicious of?"? The old man incarnates a thousand memories In the middle of the world, parade at will, just the peak of the father-in-law, where can I be trapped? At the end of the conversation, the mask had been taken off, and the White Bone Heavenly King and his disciples were even more puzzled, because it was a moment ago that they were still imprisoned in their own hands, claiming to be Ouyang Zhi, a Xuanji layman, and stirring up the thousand poisons of Ximen Bao, who had disintegrated the ice in Siling Stronghold! Xuan Gui Yu Shi was still surprised and suspicious,ibc spill pallet, but the old monster Wei Guang was more sinister than his nephew. He was more than thirty feet away. He just dodged and arrived without saying a word. With a slight shake of his shoulder, he rushed to Ximen Bao, who was standing behind the tombstone. binpallet.com