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Movie queen writes in Jinjiang Professional

1 year ago Fashion, Home & Garden Saltillo   282 views

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After entering the private room, several people present introduced themselves to each other, followed by a meal of wine. Because the dining table was too big, Josie and Lu were separated by a million miles, so she was happy and relaxed. The atmosphere at the dinner table was lively, and two agents, Wang Chuanzhou and Ye Qin, who represented the actors of both sides, had a hot chat with the director and producer. Josie put down her chopsticks and wiped her mouth. In fact, it doesn't matter whether she comes or not tonight, but she is not busy with her work, so it is a respect to come here. But to her surprise, Lu Kui will also appear, the movie king is not always very busy? Just as she looked at the landing, the man raised his head to play with his mobile phone as if he could detect it, and met her eyes. Two people look at each other, each other's face is expressionless, not even a little communication, from a distance is also strange. Qiao Xixi put the napkin to wipe her mouth on the table and threw it with disdain. Lu Kui looked away and got up and took her cell phone out of the room. I've always heard that Cici is very good at doing her homework. Have you read the original novel? Next to him, Director Zhu, who was managing his Mohawk, touched his glass with Qiao Xixi, and his face turned red as if he were very excited. Really should be excited, this piece line-ups can invite Lu Kui, is simply the pie which the sky falls down, he is full of energy naturally. Not as hard as the director's preparation. I've read the book, but I haven't finished it yet. Qiao Xixi drank the wine,water filling machine, only to hear her cell phone ring. She put down her glass and glanced at the message she sent. She smiled apologetically at Director Zhu. "Sorry, director, I'll call back." She came out of the room and stood on the red carpet corridor, looking around. It was a message from pineapple cake a minute ago on the mobile phone just now. Persistent young pineapple cake: Qiao Qiao, I found you, you are in Jin Dexuan, I have arrived at the door! I thought, you are so busy that you certainly don't have time to meet me, but it doesn't matter, I can come to see you,PET bottle Mold, a few minutes is enough! I have a gift I made for you! It's not that she doesn't want to see her, but that she doesn't dare to see her for the sake of the overall situation. After all, her future is related to the fate of the whole studio. To support a large number of people to eat, work is not a child playing house. Every step in this circle needs to be careful. If it comes out that she is actually the author of Jiangdong Beauty, the draft of questioning her acting skills will be overwhelming, and Qiao Xixi dare not think about what impact it will bring. It's not that she can't believe the pineapple cake, it's just that she can't take the risk. Jiangdong Beauty: Don't come here! You listen to me, you stop first, listen to me! In situ anxiously turned a circle, Qiao Xixi eyes a bright, came up with a way, she can mask ah! Meet at the fire escape on the third floor, just wrap up, speak in a low voice, take something and run, so that the pineapple cake will not leave any evidence, but also satisfy his wishes. With this bad idea, Qiao Xixi went back to her room to get her shawl and went out again. Behind her, PET blow moulding machine ,CSD filling line, Azhou saw that her behavior was a little unusual. He was worried, so he made an apologetic gesture with the producer beside him. He went out and followed her all the way to the fire escape. Dear little princess, what are you trying to hide from me? Have you come here to have a tryst with Lu? Azhou jerked the door of the stairwell of the fire passage and grinned. My mother, Wang Chuanzhou, you scared me to death! As soon as the masked Josie looked back, she patted her little heart. She had already sent a message to the pineapple cake. He might coees in front of him. I leaned forward, with lenses on my shoulders, my ears, and the top of my head, and someone's camera strap was still hanging in front of me. Everyone's limbs are overlapping, but the lens is almost a plane. If someone comes forward, he will enter the lens and be pulled back. When the male and female leading actors appeared, people were excited to say that they were coming, and the sound of the shutter crackled in their ears. After shooting,liquid bottle filling machine, they began to discuss that the leading actors had temperament or something. At that time, I just felt that I didn't dare to move a lot, but now I think I miss it a little. Hug. gzxilinear.com