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Madam _ you lost your vest again! Private

3 months ago Fashion, Home & Garden Banderilla   142 views

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And nine classes of people did not inform Gao Yang, at first did not expect things to be like this, then because of Wei Zihang's intervention, these people are more or less afraid. When he saw Qin Ran walking slowly inside with a book in his arms, he raised his eyebrows: "Reading at night, not practicing calligraphy?" "I practiced it, too." Qin looked at the copybook and pen still on the desk, frowning and loosening his eyebrows. Hearing the sound, Cheng Jun also raised his head, saw her expression, his hand paused, but did not say anything. Before Cheng Mu had brought his meal,heavy duty metal racks, Qin sat on one side and began to practice calligraphy. As he practiced, his expression slowed down. The mobile phone on the table rang again. She was so annoyed that she reached for it, and when Cheng Jun, who had been paying attention to her, felt that the next second she was going to smash her cell phone to the ground, her expression slowed down. I'm going out to get something. She did not answer the phone, but said to Lu Zhaoying and Cheng Jun. Cheng Juan nodded and said in a gentle voice, "You go." Wait for Qin to go out with his cell phone. Cheng Juncai walked outside,push back racking system, leaned on the table where Qin Ran practiced calligraphy, and reached out to turn over the original books that Qin Ran had brought over. These books were chosen by him and her together last time. Books are very new, Cheng Jun knows that she has no interest in other people, but she cherishes these original books very much. At this time, I saw that these books were damaged.  She lowered her eyes slightly, and her long eyelashes fell, just enough to half cover her eyes. A delicate face with some of her usual impatience, cantilever racking system ,mobile racking systems, just the right delicate features, the ultimate decadence. What about what I asked you for the other day? Qin Ran leaned back in his chair. The young man sitting by the window lifted his chin, then took out a stack of tickets from his pocket and handed them to Qin Ran, "Are you coming to see our exhibition match tomorrow?" He tilted his head, hesitated a little, and then asked. His voice was clear, and when he spoke, he was serious and serious. If someone else is here at this time, he can't help screaming. Even if you can only see half a face, those Ashes-level fans can recognize that this is Yang Fei, the big devil of Kyushu Tour and Yunguang Consortium! "I don't know. It depends. These tickets are for my friend." Qin Ran did not look at the specific ticket, but look at the thickness is really a lot. She took it and shoved it straight into her pocket. "All right, I'm leaving." Last night in the school clinic, Qin Ran asked Yang Fei for a ticket through a video. Yang Fei nodded and watched her leave. When the car door closed and the figure disappeared through the window, he withdrew his eyes. Pull out the left hand that has been in your pocket. When he opened his clenched fist, he found that his palms were covered with sweat. The man in the driver's seat is the current coach of OST. He looked at the back of Qin Ran leaving, he suddenly a clever, suddenly recalled in his mind, once saw a photo from several old members of OST, immediately turned to look at Yang Fei, surging with emotion: "Yang Shen, just now, just that person do you think she looks like.." Yang Fei did not answer, directly reminded him: "Coach, we should go, there is training at seven o'clock." The coach nodded.  Then the last video was made by Yang Fei, and it was also a thread buried for today's stack of tickets. Huahua didn't spend any space to write it, because she thought it was unnecessary to write a sentence or two that could be said clearly today. jracking.com