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Lord of the Rings Professional

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"No," Legolas replied, "I heard them clearly, and if it were not for the darkness around us and our own fear, I would say they were too excited. Their neigh is like a horse seeing a friend it hasn't seen for a long time. "That's what I thought!" "But unless they come back to us," Aragorn said, "I can't figure out the mystery. Come on! The sky is already very bright, let's see what happened first, and then guess later! We should search carefully from the vicinity of the camp, not missing any possible clues, and follow the slope in the direction of the forest. Whatever we think of last night's visitors, our mission is to find the Hobbits; if they did happen to escape, they would be hiding in the woods,temperature screening kiosk, and at least we could see some clues. If no trace can be found here or at the front of the forest, then clues must be found between the ashes of the battlefield. But Rohan's hussars are so clever that we can't find much trace of them there. The three men searched the ground around them for a while, and the trees stood quietly, as if they were mourning for them. Aragorn walked slowly out. He came to the ruins of the fires on the bank of the river and followed the footprints on the ground back to where the battle had begun. Suddenly, he stopped and his face was almost in the grass. Then he let out a loud cry,interactive kiosk price, and the others came running. Finally, we found a new clue here! Aragorn picked up a broken leaf from the ground and showed it to everyone. It was a pale leaf with a golden color, which had begun to turn slowly into a withered brown. These are the leaves of Lorian, and there are some crumbs of dry food on them, and there are some on the ground. Look! There are also several pieces of rope that have been cut nearby. "This is the knife that cuts the rope!" Said Gimli. He bent down and picked up a short serrated blade from a once trampled clump of grass, and the broken handle fell to the side. This is an Orc weapon! He pinched the handle carefully and looked at its curved shape with disgust on his face. The shape of the hilt was an ugly head with a wicked smile on its face. Well, this is the biggest mystery of all! Legolas complained that a captive, bound, had escaped from the encirclement of the orcs and knights; then he stopped without any cover and cut the rope with the orc's knife. But how did they do it? How are they going to walk if their feet are bound? If his hands are tied, how can he use the knife? If his hands and feet were not tied, Interactive digital signage ,outdoor digital signage displays, then why did he cut the rope? Even though he was satisfied with his amazing performance, he sat down to eat dry food comfortably? From this alone, even without the leaves of Lorian, we can infer that this guy must be a Hobbit. After that, I think they should grow wings and fly happily into the woods. It should be easy to find him. We just have to grow wings too! "I guess it must have something to do with magic," Gimli said. "I wonder what role the old man played? Aragorn, what do you think of Legolas' reasoning? Do you have a better idea? "Maybe!" Aragorn had an eerie smile on his face. "There are some subtle clues at hand that you haven't considered: I agree that the prisoner must be a Hobbit. Before he arrived here, the hand or leg must have broken free. I guess it was his hand, because it made the puzzle easier. And, from other clues, it seems that he was carriedre the battle began; some strong, bold orcs might have wanted to escape alone with the reward and reap the benefits. That's my inference. There may be other possibilities, but I can't think of them at the moment. We know for sure that at least one of our friends escaped,temperature scanning kiosks, and now the task is to find him before we get back to Rohan. We can't retreat to Fangorn, because he must have been forced to hide in this forest. "I don't know what scares me more: the Forest of Fangorn, or having to walk back to Rohan in the future." Gimli answered sullenly. hsdtouch.com

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