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3 months ago Fashion, Home & Garden Banderilla   55 views

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Location: Banderilla
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Lin Dafang couldn't help laughing and said, "You must be a bookworm. Everyone can go to the Qinhuai River without a boat. Why do you need to know each other?". Do you have a lot of money in your pocket? Little Xin sighed in his heart.   He suddenly paused for a moment and then added, "It's strange that no guest here has ever run out of money to run wild. Our boss will never allow the girls to dig up the pockets of the guests." Little Xin suddenly fell out and said angrily, "Bastard, since that's where everyone goes, I can't even look at it."? Why do you ask? Lin Dafang was stupefied and said, "I.." You can look, just look. "Why do you ask?" Asked Little Xin aggressively. Lin Dafang didn't even think about it and said,medium duty racking, "Because there's been a rumor recently that the Jingyang Gang has joined forces to deal with our boss.." He suddenly sobered up and his face became stiff. "Don't be wordy," he shouted. "You go about your business. Don't worry about the affairs in Jianghu. Do you hear me?" "All right, all right," said Little Xin. "Don't shout. I don't care." He turned to leave and heard Lin Dafang's angry voice in his ears, but his words were very lovely, because he was angry that a scholar like Xiao Xin, who had no fame and wealth, should not wander around the Qinhuai River,teardrop pallet racking, but should study hard and make progress. Little Xin suddenly turned back with a smile on his face and said, "Lin Dafang, I saw something very strange." Lin Dafang snorted, but before he could break out, Little Xin added, "There are several of them. They have knives in their boots on both sides, and they have sleeve arrows hidden in their left sleeves.". One of them has been watching us, and now he's hiding behind the corner over there. Xiaoxin really doesn't know what kind of help there is in Jianghu Wulin and what kind of famous players there are? "Huaiyin Hall of Loyalty and Righteousness is very famous. Is it very powerful?" He asked. "Of course," said Lin Dafang, "the killers sent out by the Hall of Loyalty and Righteousness are all highly skilled in martial arts. After killing, as usual, they leave an arrow in the throat and a knife in the chest on the body of the deceased. This is called a throat lock that pierces the heart. Anyone who hears a throat lock that pierces the heart of the Hall of Loyalty and Righteousness cannot help frowning." "Go quickly," said Little Xin. "You don't have to go against the Zhongyitang killer in Huaiyin." Lin Dafang shook his head and said, "I can't. I've been paid for more than a year and a half. I run away when I have something to do. Am I still a human being?" Little Xin said, "You specialize in fists, palms, industrial racking systems ,asrs warehouse, and feet. Although you have great skill, you can break a thick column with your arms, and you can kick back a running bull with your flying feet. But your waist is a little weak. You are more powerful than dexterous.". You can win one or two hundred big men empty-handed, but when you meet a good player who is good at sleeve arrows and short knives, it is reasonable to advise you to go. Lin Dafang was stunned. It took him a while to get back to normal.  In many ways, Song's mother is really good at it. Even girls like Lin Dafang, who are so wild in the green field, are all obedient to the orders of Jianghu high-rollers. How easy is it to be admired by people before and after? "Little Xin," said Mother Song, "please say so." "I need money," said Little Xin. "How much?" Asked Mother Song. "Quite a few," said Little Xin. Mother Song said, "Since you need a lot of money, there are three ways.". First,radio shuttle racking, human life for money, the price of each life is different, up to fifty thousand taels of silver. 。 kingmoreracking.com