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Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation) Private

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Minister of war this plan is more brilliant than the first plan, due to the conflict of interests, the control of the southwest region for the two families of Lin Lang and Ma Qihan people can not be abandoned, at present,  southern front, and to maintain an offensive posture, as far as possible to maintain a strong military pressure on the Magi Khan people;"; Second, to reduce the military pressure on Sanjiang County and Tiannan County, we can gradually reduce the garrison in Sanjiang County and Tiannan County,plastic pallet crates, and even hint through secret channels that the two families of Lin Lang support their external expansion, as evidenced by the reduction of troops from the border of their two counties, so that they can free up more forces to deal with possible military threats from the Magi Khan and the Nanyang Alliance; Thirdly, he once again lodged a diplomatic protest with the Nanyang Alliance, demanding that they cut off their conscientious contacts with the Magi Khan people, and that the Kingdom of Milan, the Grand Duchy of Mahad and the Duchy of Andako maintain a certain military pressure on the Magi Khan people, especially the Kingdom of Milan,plastic bulk containers, which can immediately send envoys to coordinate and try to increase the pressure on the Ma Chihan people from all aspects. I dare not use reserve forces freely. He Zhiqiu put forward several measures of his own in one breath, all of which were quite lethal, and once again let the emperor see the wisdom and talent of this confidant minister. All right, Aiqing said it well. These measures must be taken immediately. In this way, you go to my will tonight, let the city guard legion first, second, third three divisions out of the capital overnight, immediately to the five lakes county, stationed in the southern front of the army into a state of combat readiness. The staff department should make a good plan, and the logistics department should prepare logistics materials immediately without any mistakes. Tomorrow, I will ask Sariden to make an urgent visit to Milan, Andarko and Mahad, and Jing Ze Zhong to visit the Nanyang Alliance to coordinate actions. In addition, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet suppliers, the contact and communication with Sanjiang County and Tiannan County were arranged by Aiqing, and the troops stationed near the two counties were also deployed by Aiqing at his discretion. Once Szeto Mingyue decided to adopt the plan, he did not hesitate to issue a neat order, asking the Minister of Military Affairs to carry it out overnight. I'll do it at once. He Zhiqiu also did not refuse, hurriedly made a ceremony and then turned away, leaving the emperor alone in the imperial study is still carefully aftertaste. Almost at the same time, Mulberry Forest City, the capital of the Magi Khanate, received urgent information from spies lurking in Tiannan County and Sanjiang County of the Tanghe Empire. Tulu, the director of the National Intelligence Agency, dared not neglect it and immediately asked to see the Great Khan Bishili. At the same time, he forwarded the information to Lei Juetian, the Minister of State. Lei Juetian also went to the palace to see the Great Khan Bishili urgently at the first time. Dressed in a nightgown, Bishri's face was gloomy, and when he saw Lei Juetian coming, his face improved slightly, and he hurriedly beckoned his first confidant to his seat. Chueh-tien, I didn't expect, ah, that Lin Kuo-hsiung and Lang Yung-chuan would  empty all the reserve forces, once there is any change on the northern or eastern front, we will be quite passive. Lei Juetian finally expressed his concern. Are you saying that the Tanghe people or the Milanese will take advantage of the situation? Bishley's face was grave, and he obviously thought of it. Hard to say. On the northern front, the Tanghe Empire has concentrated more than 400,000 troops. Our troops there are only enough to protect ourselves. If the other side is sending more troops, our pressure will be even greater. On the eastern front, there are only three understaffed regiments, which should be said to be quite weak. Once the Milanese break the treaty, we may be attacked from both sides, and we have no troops to use. General Mingzhong had only four armies in his hands,drum spill pallet, and he had to control the whole area of Yuejing, which was already quite tense, and it was very difficult to draw people out again. Lei Juetian was very sober and calculated the strength of the enemy and ourselves quite accurately. So we can't do anything about it and watch them take what's rightfully ours? Bishri's heart was filled with unwillingness. Thank you for your support: "Jiangshan Beauty" VS "Three Kingdoms in Troubled Times". binpallet.com

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