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I want to know you) Professional

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"Well, no, I have my own car!" Zhao Shuhe stepped back, and sure enough, the man was interested in himself, strange, all wearing blindfolds, how to see each other's face, "I have something to do, sorry ah, go first!" "Wait!" Silver Lake suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Zhao Shuhe's hand. Zhao Shuhe was stunned for a moy friend!" Quickly withdraw, Zhao Shuhe did not expect that he would be entangled by a man, he quickly stepped back a few steps, and then turned around and immediately walked forward. "Sir!" Silver Lake caught up and grabbed Zhao Shuhe's shoulder at the corner. "Wait!" "What do you want to do? I already have a girlfriend,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, sir." Zhao Shuhe, who was pressed against the wall, suddenly became nervous and stared at the man wearing a white feather blindfold. Silver Lake was stunned. A man came over. Silver Lake loosened Zhao Shuhe and hung his head slightly. "Sir, don't you remember me?" What?! Zhao Shuhe was stunned, "You, you, you are-" Yes, I am,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, sir, do you remember? I'm Silver Lake, I'm Silver Lake, sir! Suddenly excited, he grabbed Zhao Shuhe's warm hand and stepped forward: "Sir, do you really remember?" Aren't you the fashion model? The one whond and put on his blindfold. "Sorry, I think I mistook you for someone else!" " "Wait," Zhao Shuhe came forward and handed over a business card. "Our company has recently recruited models. If you are interested, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, you can consider coming to our company, OK?" "Yes, thank you!" Silver Lake stuffed the business card into his pocket and left without going back, with a heavy loss in his heart. Really stupid fox, as the white dragon said, he really seems to see wless dress, then a red eye mask, then black gloves, and then a head shorter than herself. Na, is that Xi'er dancing with a man? God, when can Xi'er pick? No,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, modern men all have the word "lascivious" written on their faces. Simple Xi'er will inevitably not be abducted. Chi Yang strode forward and grabbed the woman dancing with Ouyang Shuo with one hand and shouted: "Xi'er, we should go back!" The woman was stunned. Ouyang Shuo frowned. When he was about to open his mouth, he suddenly saw the clothes in Chi Yang's hand. How could they look so familiar? He inadvertently saw the place where the coconut juice was stained. Ouyang Shuo's eyes widened: "It's you again?!" penghuangbottle.com