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Eternal thunder pool Private

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The old man sighed and said, "My daughter turned back to the old man alone and asked for something.  This array was originally designed to extinguish the sound, confuse the truth, transform the essence, and consume the essence. The'Four Unique Arrays' are the secrets handed down from the ancestors of the Changhai family. Now it has been created and changed by the disobedient younger brother. In addition to evil, the old man is at a loss what to do. If there were no evil, the old man would have done it long ago. The'Thunderbolt 'is a treasure After being rejected by the'sound suppression ban ', the effect of masculinity is lost. Therefore, I would like to ask Shaoxia to launch the sound of a huge earthquake outside, so that the old man can observe clearly inside. Even if it can't be broken, I believe there is still hope to quit. "In that case," said Farmer, "the older generation shouldn't take risks. It's better for the younger generation to go in. If one person is not right,heavy duty rack manufacturers, the younger generation can ask the four elders to accompany him." The old man of Hangu hesitated for a moment and then sighed, "The old man has deeply understood the meaning of Shaoxia. Since he is happy, the old man will appreciate it. But Shaoxia must go around to the south and rush in." As he spoke, he took out two pills and said, "These are the only two Xinxiang pills left by the old man. Please take one of them, Shaoxia. If you feel lost in the array, hold this pill in the palm of your hand immediately and use the true fire to burn it slowly. The old man will feel something outside the array. You can also burn this one immediately. Shaoxia will smell a fragrance and come out of the array with the fragrance." Nong Mier respectfully took the pill and said, "I'm grateful for the gift of my predecessors. I hope I won't use this precious thing." Turning to the two Yizeng and the cold wind,heavy duty cantilever racks, he said, "Let's go and see if the'Golden Centipede Lord 'shows up to do it." The four elders laughed in unison and said, "Maybe he's hiding behind his back." Five people slightly mention the flying skill, not anxious not slowly to go around the south, leaving the dragon beside the old man in the letter valley.  In the battle array As soon as the five men stopped at the same time, Farmer asked, "I know that. What else can I say?" Letianweng said, warehouse storage racks ,warehouse pallet racks, "When you enter the battle array, you won't immediately encounter resistance. If you encounter a secret attack, you can only use True Qi to protect your body instead of using True Force to rebound. Otherwise, you will accept the invasion of the battle array by'destroying the yuan and consuming the essence. '" "The younger generation has written it down," said Farmer. "Please go back." "Boy," said the happy old man before he left, "I've been caring for you ever since you were lonely and helpless. You can't make me worry. You should be cautious when you encounter dangers and obstacles." Farmer was deeply moved. "Don't worry," he said. "The younger generation won't act rashly." After Letianweng nodded his head, the four elders said in unison, "Don't make it a habit to walk alone all your life. Don't you know that there is also extraordinary kindness. This man is especially admirable." Nong Mier sighed in silence and bowed his head to move forward, apparently causing pain in his heart. "Benefactor," said Wuren Toutuo, "in the face of a formidable enemy, you must heighten your vigilance. Now you can spread the True Qi outside your body." Farmer gritted his teeth and suddenly said, "All right!"!   The battle has been victimized! Nong Mi'er took out the whistle and said, "This whistle blows a long one as a summons, and two short ones as a dispatch. You Siniang, the registered disciple of Master Baigu, has not passed on my method of attacking the enemy." "What the benefactor is referring to," said Wurentoutuo, "is that Fourth Sister You? Is it the nun who later became a monk? "It was Master Baigu who influenced her to become a monk," said Farmer. "So this golden scorpion is what she used to fight against the enemy,shuttle rack system," said Wurentoutuo. "Then ask Lord Enshi to blow the whistle several times. The shorter and the more urgent, the better." Magic Sword Book Alliance Scan, Star Prodigal OCR Chapter 17 the city gate meets a beautiful girl. jracking.com