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Break the sky Private

1 year ago Fashion, Home & Garden Banderilla   347 views

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Ignoring the stunned and shocked eyes around him, Xiao Yan took a deep breath and quickly took out a few pills from the ring to restore the fighting spirit, and then stuffed them into the beep, even though he had now entered the fighting emperor, he could start the mountain seal, but it still needed to consume a huge amount of fighting spirit, but fortunately, at least it would not be like before.  At the moment of the emergence of the silver awn, the fierce wind also came in an instant, and immediately hit the key point of Xiao Yanhou's vest, but this time, there was no deep sound, but a faint blue stick tip, which penetrated directly from his body. Afterimage? Seeing the blue stick penetrating the body of Xiao Yan, but there was no blood flowing out, the scorpion mountain eyes suddenly shrank, the stick shook, directly cracked the shadow, the sunlight swept away,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and immediately found that Xiao Yan had appeared on the top of the head of the centipede cliff falling to the ground. Seemingly feeling the scorpion mountain's furious eyes, Xiao Yan looked up and showed him a faint smile. Immediately, the spiral fire in his hand, like a drill, mercilessly shot directly into the spirit cover of the centipede cliff. Suddenly, a blood hole emerged, and the vitality in the eyes of the centipede cliff passed quickly, and finally solidified in a fear and horror. Bastard, I will never die with you! See Xiao Yan unexpectedly in front of his own face to kill the centipede cliff, the scorpion mountain immediately furious, eyes viciously staring at Xiao Yan, low roar. Kill the centipede cliff, Xiao Yan heart is also a sigh of relief, consumed so much fighting spirit to open the mountain seal, if only to get the result of serious injury, then he is not satisfied, and look at the former's previous eyes, obviously quite resentful of their own, the enemy left behind, wire mesh decking ,heavy duty cantilever racks, this is not Xiao Yan's style. For the scorpion mountain roar, Xiao Yan is the right as a deaf ear, even if not kill the centipede cliff, if the poison failed today, presumably they will not let go of their own and others, so such threats, can be completely ignored. After clapping his hands, Xiao Yan raised his head and looked at the ferocious mountain. "I'm sorry," he said with a smile. "It's a little late for the Master of Scorpion Mountain." The object that appeared, at first glance, seemed to be a huge scorpion with dozens of feet. Behind the scorpion, there were four pairs of giant wings. The hairy black giant legs stood in the sky. The legs and feet were covered with sharp serrations as long as human thighs. On them, there was a faint purple awn. Behind it,asrs warehouse, a scorpion tail as long as its body swayed restlessly. At the sharp tip of the tail, the cold awn was looming. The sudden appearance of this giant snail immediately attracted everyone's attention. When some strong poisons saw it, their faces suddenly changed and they exclaimed: "Four-winged Scorpion?"? How did it end up here?! 。 jracking.com