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Another spring has passed by the strong wind Private

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I flipped through the booklet and said, "Damn it!"! Sixty-nine this year, send me to the fields for three years?! My condition then adds an important point-young!   Think about it. You know the ancient rules. It's too late when the body is in the coffin. Now decide, nod or shake your head? I weighed it for a moment and nodded hesitantly. The section chief was overjoyed and pulled me up: "Come on,aluminium edge trim, hurry up, I will personally send you back to life." I stood by a well and looked down. A blurred scene was reflected on the surface of the water, and a vast expanse of whiteness was vaguely the scene of mourning in the ancient costume film. The section chief is pointing fingers at the surface of the water: "You see, as soon as the paper in the coffin shed is burned out, the coffin will be nailed. Hurry up and go down!" I suddenly remembered one thing: "How did this Thai King Chai Rong die?" The section chief stammered,stainless steel tile edge trim, "There are too many people who have done evil." Give "What?" My heart suddenly a little alert was about to ask, behind a fierce push, the old man shouted: "There is the last bundle of paper ~ hurry up!" " I stumbled and fell head first. Chapter III Most people have had a dream of falling from a high place, and the feeling of resurrection is similar to that. It was also a feeling of weightlessness, then a sound of ears and a shock of the whole body, and then I opened my eyes and found myself still lying in bed. But there was a qualitative difference between resurrection and dreaming. When I opened my eyes, there was a bright yellow in front of me-my face was covered with a piece of yellow silk cloth. I don't know what I had in my mouth, and the sound of crying came into my ears clearly through the coffin board. I moved my fingers and blew, and the yellow silk shook. He reached out and touched his left chest, and it was very strong. Yes, tile profile factory ,aluminum tile edge trim, I made a successful landing! The feeling of breathing in and out of my nose was really kind.   I reached out my hand and stepped out of the coffin with the other foot. Xiao Shun immediately let out a wail and ran away rolling and crawling. Several others who were frightened and paralyzed also struggled to run away from the door. Only a gray-bearded old man was left on the ground, with straight eyes and a trembling forefinger pointing at me. I thought I was very kind to come forward and hold my uncle's hand: "My hand is hot." Grandpa rolled his eyes, foamed at the mouth, and fainted. I rolled my eyes and couldn't help touching my nose: "Damn, how can it be like this?" A voice, neither cold nor faint, neither anxious nor slow, came from behind my back: "Wang Yeh suddenly came back to life. The people have no insight. It is reasonable to be afraid. Wang Yeh should not blame me." I was startled when the words came out. The sound was vaguely similar to that of the man who wanted to nail the coffin. Turning around following the source, there was a brother standing beside the banner cloth behind the coffin, also wearing a white robe of filial piety. As soon as I saw his expression,stainless steel edging strip, I was immediately moved. The eyes are definitely the eyes of the living, and the expression is also the expression of talking to the living. I pounced on him as excitedly as the guerrillas found the party organization and grabbed his hand: "Do you believe I am alive?!"! That's good! You see my hands are hot, I am really alive! You're the first to believe me. May I have your name? 。 jecatrims.com