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All living beings, I only love you. Private

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Envy Lu Nianjin life is good, obviously married at the beginning is a dead person, but now is worthy of the name of the crown princess, the future queen, more alone by the favor of the crown prince, knee with the  Nianshi, with a moving smile, crouched down and made a blessing. Lu Nianjin looked at her lightly, "don't be too polite, get up." "Thank the Crown Princess," Lu Nianshi thanked, stood up straight,plastic laminted tube, paused, and then opened his mouth to greet, "Sister has not returned to the government for a long time." "Well," Lu Nianjin answered, neither salty nor light. Embarrassed, Lu Nianshi went on to say, "In the future, can my sister go to Guoshi Mansion to see my sister?"? I haven't seen my sister's little county king yet! "Come if you want to." Lu Nianjin said. Lu Nianshi was allowed to smile more beautiful and gentle,cosmetic plastic tube, like a fresh Lily. "Thank you, sister. I will often go to Guoshi Mansion to pay my respects to my sister and accompany her." Lu Nianjin's smiling face is official. Her legs are on Lu Nianshi's own body. She can come if she wants to, but she can't be free. It's her business to see her or not. I'll sit down with my sister over there. After speaking, Lu Nianshi pointed to a flower pavilion and suggested. Lu Nianjin, however, did not answer. She glanced at the peony bushes. "Miss Chen, they are still waiting for you. Go and entertain them first." Lu Nianshi stiffened for a moment when he heard this, and then said with a strong smile, "that sister will go first." Lu Nianjin watched her turn to leave, while taking Xiao Xun to the pavilion in the opposite direction, while saying, "The prince is really attractive today, old and young." Xiao Xun pinched her palm, tone light, "old and young, are not as good as you." Lu Nianjin snorted and said nothing more. The two of them took their seats in the Maple Leaf Pavilion and talked one by one. About a quarter of an hour later, empty cosmetic tubes ,custom cosmetic packaging, the old lady of Chengguo Gong came hurriedly with Lu Jiayi. From a distance, Lu Jiayi has changed a suit of clothes, is the water red quicksand brocade, the posture swaying, the skirt seems to have thousands of gold swimming. In the pavilion, the old  because of your apology?" "Then you.." What does the Crown Princess want? Lu Nianjin smiled at the corners of his mouth, but there was a hint of sarcasm at the end of his eyes. "Just now in the garden, my aunt said I was shabby and had never seen anything good. Why don't my aunt lend me some good things today and let me take them back to Guoshi Mansion to pay my respects?" This is fair and square blackmail! Lu Jiayi's face was blacker. She clenched her fists, but in front of Xiao Xun, she couldn't bear to destroy her image. At that moment, she could only knock out her teeth and swallow blood. She said, "What the Crown Princess said is that I will ask people to prepare ten rare treasures and send them to Guoshi Mansion for the Crown Princess to see." "Thank you, aunt." Lu Jiayi squeezed out a sentence from her teeth, "It's all her own family. The Crown Princess doesn't have to be polite." "Besides, I have one more thing to ask my grandmother." Lu Nianjin looked away and looked at the old lady again. The old lady clutched her crutch and felt a bad feeling in her heart. Sure enough, the next moment, Lu Nianjin was looking for trouble. He looked at her and said, "Speaking of it, I also listened to my aunt's words before I remembered that when I  because of Lu Jiayi's cheap mouth. Can the prince calculate how many months the Guogongfu should reissue the concubine? She turned directly to Xiao Xun and asked softly. Xiao Xun nodded his head and looked at the old lady. He twisted his eyebrows slightly and said, "The monthly rule for the concubines of the Guogongfu should be thirty taels. Every month, there are three pieces of clothing, two sets of jewelry, a hundred catties of meat and vegetables,eye cream packaging tube, and several boxes of supplements. The total discount is three hundred and fifty taels. One year is four thousand and two hundred taels, and ten years is forty-two thousand taels, plus interest. The Guogongfu supplies sixty-six thousand taels of 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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