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10th reincarnation 1 Private

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Obviously, Zorla's coma was not very complete, and she received the treatment of "recovery light", which restored some of her consciousness.  Back in the tower, Canaya immediately directed the zombies to carry her teacher back to her bedroom, and at the same time ordered Figuian to carry medical supplies and potions to Zorla's bedroom. After medicating and bandaging all of Zorra's injuries, and pouring a bottle of the High Restoration Potion,disc air diffuser, Cana began to worry about Zorra's truly fatal injuries. From the current situation, it can be roughly inferred that her teacher was interrupted while casting an advanced necromancy spell, was eaten back by the spell, and was also given one of the few spells that can cause damage in life healing- "life burning". Although the power of death has suppressed the power of "life burning" to some extent-otherwise Zorra would have died, the interaction of the two forces has changed to some extent, and the situation is as bad as it is now. The few spells in life healing that can deal damage are very powerful, but they are also very impractical. Spells take a long time to prepare,fine bubble diffuser, not to mention that they must be in direct contact with the other person's body before they can take effect. So even among healers, there are not many people who learn and know these spells. Because the high healer has another set of spells that can defend oneself, called "the gift of the goddess", "law and order", not only does not need to recite incantations, but also almost ignores any magic defense. Of course, the number of "laws" is pitifully small, only ten laws in total, and not all high-level healers can use them, so it is called "the gift of the goddess". Canaya's little brain raced, searching for a way to save Zorra's life. One plan after another was proposed and immediately rejected. Magic definitely won't work. There are only a few spells available to save Zorra. Of course, the first choice is the "Miracle Recovery" in the life system healing, as well as the "Dawn of Divine Grace" in the advanced field of light, the "Tears of the Virgin Goddess" in the water system, Lamella Plate Settler ,rapid sand filters, and of course, the "Sacrifice to the Underworld God" of the advanced necromancy.  There is also the blue light moss, which is famous for its remarkable medical effects, but it is very rare on the azure continent. In the land of Ziyun before the Battle of the Gods, this thing was quite common. Damn! Where is the blue moss? She remembered that she had collected two bottles of blue light moss! As she grumbled,rapid sand filters, Canaya continued to rummage: Soon, Canaya had all the materials she needed. After finding all the materials, Canaya picked up a piece of snow and moved back to the research room in a short distance. khnwatertreatment.com